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Welcome to Glazrock Realty Services

“Whether this means creating a news-worthy store opening, by integrating merchandise and the owner’s philosophy, with a perfectly targeted philanthropic organization or networking like crazy to find just the right front-of-the-house hostess/manager or chef for a new restaurant, or producing a sensational looking media kit for a new retailing concept… She never feels like she can do enough for her clients!” – Satisfied Client

What we’re all about

GRS is a dynamic full service real estate consultancy and brokerage. We partner with our clients and our industry to find real estate solutions that match their goals, not just for space but for their business strategy.

Whether the assignment calls for commercial office space or the unique demands of gallery, restaurant and retail businesses, GRS will understand you, propose a range of business solutions and be your advocate in tough negotiations.

We will help you find the right locations and work with you to understand which spaces will enhance your business success. And we can bring together the team of specialists—attorneys, architects, contractors, designers, press relations—that will make the process successful.

Once GRS becomes a part of your team, you get the professionalism, expertise and real estate intelligence of Cindy Farkas Glanzrock and her network of experts.

“Cindy is a dynamo.”