About Us



1402 Lexington Ave at 92nd Street
New York NY 10128

Upper East Side Restaurant (originally from Nantucket)

Leased 1,500 square feet plus basement (recently expanded into contiguous space)



What we did

  • Set up initial meetings in Nantucket for the landlord to meet the owner and chef.
  • Did comprehensive building due diligence.
  • Coordinated with the Building Department to clear up any violations.
  • Exposed and resolved tax liens.
  • Worked with State Liquor Authority (SLA).
  • Interviewed architects, designers, contractors and subcontractors.
  • Negotiated lease, including key money (ie, money received to buy out existing tenant’s lease) and concessions, including free rent and construction time.
  • Managed the permit process and oversaw the build-out.

“After Cindy found our first location in NYC, she continued to negotiate with a challenging landlord in order to get us a fair deal. Cindy worked tirelessly for our success throughout the process. She introduced us to several architects and engineers and kept the process moving along while we were in Nantucket running our restaurant and traveling to Italy for business. Cindy introduced us to her public relations partner to create a newsworthy opening. She helped us to identify a chef and a front-of-the-house hostess, to create a fully realized and integrated concept. Cindy never gave us less than her best, and as a result we never had to worry. We opened on schedule, and have expanded into a space next door, and our business is going strong.”

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