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Building Art Curatorial Program

Glanzrock’s Building Art Curatorial Program ("BACP") is a comprehensive program designed to connect people and space through different art mediums tailored specifically to each building within a real estate portfolio. BACP discovers, exposes, and leases art to commercial clients.

  • Real Art Muse (a.k.a. "RAM") is the creative arbiter of real estate art and philanthropy. Insight into RAM and her recommendations can be found at www.realartmuse.com.
  • The BACP program allows for the art to be leased in a commercial space for a period of time, with an option to buy.
  • The gallery/artist can be featured in spaces including:
    • Lobbies
    • Office Common Areas
    • Conference Rooms
    • Reception Areas
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
  • The BACP Program Includes:
    • Negotiation
    • Transportation
    • Installation
    • Insurance and Legal Services
  • Reference the BACP Press Deck.

Lease Negotiation

Once the right location has been found, the most critical part of the process involves negotiating the lease. This will affect almost every aspect of how a client
successfully conducts their business. A successful negotiation requires extensive knowledge by your broker and is precisely the knowledge that Glanzrock Realty Services brings to the process. It’s not just knowledge of the market and rates but also an intuitive understanding of the process and the players involved. Your timing, persuasion and ability to recognize important details can make or break a deal. We can offer all the skills and services you need to conclude the process successfully:

  • Lease review
  • Comparative rental rate review (base rent, net lease, key money)
  • Escalation clause
  • Demolition clause
  • Work allowance
  • Construction costs
  • Building system issues
  • Rights and options to expand and extend
  • Sublease/assignment rights
  • Landlord’s approval and fees relative to tenant’s construction
  • Construction allowance and rent-free period
  • Restrictions against competitors
  • Security and LOC determination

Restaurant Consultant and Advisory

Opening a restaurant in Manhattan is challenging under the best of circumstances.
With plenty of diners there is also a plethora of restaurants that think they can satisfy discriminating New Yorkers, so getting the initial concept, brand and space right is crucial. With Glanzrock Realty on your team, you’ll have access to extensive knowledge of the market for food and space supplied by a consummate New Yorker. We can advise you on what concepts work, what creates buzz, what neighborhoods have the best opportunities and who’s who among NYC chefs and the restaurant designers:

  • Concept Development
  • Marketing
  • Purveyors
  • Management development
  • Staffing development
  • Information technology
  • Branding/Design Development/Coordination:
    • Branding
    • Logo design
    • Signage
    • Menu and Marketing material design
  • Grand Opening advertising
  • Determine ad media
  • Determine charity to support
  • Develop public relations campaign
  • Management Development:
    • Write management team’s profile
    • Engage a restaurant recruiter
    • Coordinate hiring a general manager
    • Coordinate hiring a kitchen manager
    • Coordinate Hiring of assistant managers
    • Develop a policy and procedures manual

Additional Services

Throughout the process of establishing your business in New York City, you’ll find the need to engage various suppliers and partners to help ensure your success . Unless you know the New York market, Glanzrock Realty’s insight into the best available services will prove invaluable. We can connect you with the right partners to answer your questions and solve your problems

  • Program Management
    • Programming layout
    • Test fits
  • Operational Issues
    • Security
    • HVAC
    • Management
  • Construction Management
    • Design management
    • Contract engineering
    • Furnishings and fixtures
  • Technology Issues
    • Data assessment
    • Telco needs and services
    • POS systems

Investment Advisory

If your vision is broad and includes entrepreneurial opportunities beyond the needs of locating a business in New York City, Glanzrock Realty can help you establish a team and connect with the best advisors for your aspirations:

  • Business Plan: financial projections, start-up costs, sales projections, profit and loss, expected ROI
  • Structuring the Deal: investor capital contribution, liability and participation
  • Investment Partners: limited partnership vs. general partnership
  • Raising Capital: private equity, bank lenders, SBA, friends and family
    Formulation of a business prospectus


Glanzrock Realty Services is pleased to recommend its partners as strong team members for any project you may have. Whether you work through us or contact them directly, their advice, insight and enthusiasm will add to your overall success: