About Us


The Dinex Group

16 East 40th Street, 4th floor
New York, NY  10016

Headquaters for the
Dinex restaurant group

Leased 5,500 square feet


What we did

  • Negotiated with the landlord to build out  a first class office space–on budget and on time in conjunction with the tenant’s architect.
  • Interviewed architects for the build-out.
    Coordinated meetings with the building owner’s super, building contractor and subcontractors.

“Cindy was involved with the entire process, from providing neighborhood demographics and potential buildings. Ultimately convinced us to push forward and open a distinct corporate headquarters and moved us to the grand central station area. Cindy negotiated a below market rental rate and convinced the landlord to foot the bill and to build out our space. Cindy introduced us to the architects who worked within our budget and design parameters. We now have an office where all our departments are under one roof. Getting us all on the same page took considerable skills, but Cindy is not someone who gives up or lets up.”

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